Securing Door Locks Effectively

Not all locks are created the same. While on the outside many of the locks will look exactly the same, it is what is going on under the surface that really matters. You may not know everything that makes up a good lock, but a reliable locksmith will. They will understand everything that will help you to get the most out of a new locking system. They will also be able to make the recommendations which will make a difference in the amount of security your home has simply through the locks you are using.

If you are convinced that all locks are the same, consider for a second the fact that deadbolts alone have been used to secure doors for over a century. While these are carried by all of the home improvement stores and locksmiths, an emergency locksmith will recommend that you use something a bit more advanced. This is because there have been innovations in lock technology that are not employed by all companies. You will want to make sure your lock has the right amount of pins. Make sure the screws for the lock are long enough. Another very important factor is that the bolt itself should go much deeper into the wall itself.

The majority of deadbolts used to secure homes use only four pins for the key entry. This is what is expected by thieves and they have learned to pick these locks fairly easily. If you would like to have a better chance of thwarting a pick lock, you will need to have a lock which utilizes at least 6 pins. This will thwart any criminals from being able to pick your lock because they will not be able to manipulate this many pins at once and be able to turn the bolt. You will be able to find these kinds of locks from an expert locksmith.

The longer the screws are, the more secure the lock will be in the door itself. It will secure the lock in the door as well as making it where the plate that receives the bolt will be more secure in the frame of the home. A good locksmith will understand how best to install long screws in the lock so that you will get the maximum security out of the lock that is installed in your door.

The average length of the bolt that goes into the door frame will only go about 1″ – 1 ½”. This is okay, but it will allow an intruder to kick in the door by kicking the bolt free from the door frame. When you have a bolt which goes at least 2″ into the door frame it will make a difference in the ability of the bolt to hold steady. A good locksmith will also recommend you have bolts attached to the door which will allow you to bolt the door in place in more than one place.

Questions to Consider When Looking for a Locksmith

In the early twentieth century the make up of a town was very personal. You knew your milk man, local sheriff, mail man, butcher, neighbors and most of the towns people. With time, technology,sprawl and population influx taking place in our lives, bigger cities and the dependence on “BIG BOX” stores made the “Mom and Pop” businesses disappear. These were soon replaced by mobile service vehicles. The ability to have a business on wheels brought great convenience as well as new ways to provide bad service without being tracked.

In the past few years the locksmith industry has been corrupted with many unreliable, dangerous individuals who posses keys to your home! Your biggest life investment is now exposed to a guy out there who has a key to your place. Your neighbors don’t even have a key to your place.

Technology brought a lot of impostors to the locksmith trade and it’s your responsibility to hire a good emergency locksmith. To make sure you are not being scammed here is a list of questions you may want to have handy when looking to hire a locksmith:

Is this a local locksmith business?
A lot of scam artists companies will operate “nation wide”. In simple words – they have no location, or not one that you can find. Many “nation wide” locksmith companies uses local phone numbers in order to gain a customers’ trust.

Do you know the price for the job?
Most reputable locksmiths can quote you down to the penny for most jobs (and for the one’s that cannot they will offer a free estimate). If a locksmith company quotes you a ridiculous low price “that might go up based on your lock mechanism and what the technician needs to do” – Beware! You are about to be scammed and the price will go up. Way up.

Does the locksmith have a marked service vehicle?
If the locksmith does not have a marked service vehicle, make sure to write down the car’s plate number. This information might come in handy if you end up filing a complaint.

Does the company has a marked invoice book?
If the locksmith technician cannot give you an invoice with a business name, phone number and an address – but just an invoice that you can purchase anywhere, hold payment until you get all of the business information. Remember! This “locksmith” is about to leave with your house key. He knows how to find you, do you know how to find him?

Does the locksmith have insurance?
You will see many companies that advertised “Licensed Insured & Bonded” – ask to physically see this insurance policy or any certificate. Ask to see a sales tax license before you agree to paying the tax.

Lastly, be sure to check the company. A fancy website is good but ask for customers reviews, upfront pricing, pricing guide for parts, insurance, marked locksmith service vehicle, readable invoices and any other information that makes you feel comfortable hiring a locksmith.  Remember! A locksmith has the keys to your home and your car. Does he have a key to your trust?

Locksmith Service to Limit the Damage of Your Door

Have you ever lost your keys? Have you ever forgotten to bring your keys? Well, if the answer is a yes, I think it is very normal. Yes, we all know and understand that nobody’s perfect. Sometimes we can do some mistakes. Some of us may have ever or often lost the key or forget to bring the key. It is normal and almost all of the people in the world have the same experience. However, we cannot deny the fact that it is an annoying situation. Having a problem with your key is a serious problem. You can imagine that if you can’t enter your house or your car because there is a problem with the key. Well, what should we do then? Should we break the door or enter the house fiercely through the window? I think to break the door or the window is not a good idea. Your neighbors may get the wrong impression and you can make bigger damage to your house.  It will be better for you to find an expert in your area to help you, like Locksmith Oviedo for example.

The locksmith is the right help in the situation. The locksmith is the professional in managing the problems that are related to the keys. You should get their help if you need any help related to the key problems. To find the fastest help of the locksmith, it is better to find the help from the locksmith near your location. You can get the help immediately if you call the local locksmith. You do not have to worry about the quality of the local locksmith since you can find the best service if you go to the right hand.

There are several reputable locksmiths that you can find in the area. To prevent bad damage it is necessary for you to call an experienced residential locksmith. On the other hand, such kind of service is also ready to help if you have a problem around your workplace. You just need to consult it to a commercial locksmith and soon they will come to your workplace to fix the problem. Because you can’t predict this problem, you may call an emergency locksmith. The service is provided especially for those who need emergency help.

This service is suitable for emergency condition so you can take fast and earlier action to solve the problem. For example, your car is being locked and you even can’t open it. Well, it is very annoying if we cannot get into our car. Instead of damaging your beloved car, it will better for you to use an auto locksmith. By using the service from an expert car locksmith you can limit the damage. In fact, they know what to do to solve the problem with very limited damage.

History of Locksmithing and Hiring One

Looking back at history, there are quite a few famous locksmiths. Most notably from England in 1778, Robert Barron, ‘Father of the English lever system,’ invented the doubleacting tumbler lock. Another famous locksmith/inventor from London, John Chubb was awarded the Telford Medal for his research and contributions to locksmithing in the 1800s.

old keysThis next locksmith was a very famous person, not known as a locksmith – but he certainly had to be the best in this field to have accomplished what he did. That is, world renown magician, Harry Houdini. In the early 1900s, how wowed the masses with his ability to pick the locks of handcuffs specially ordered by London’s very own, Daily Mirror. Locksmithing is an ancient art. One of the earliest locks to be found has been dated 700

BC, unearthed from the Palace of Sargon in Iraq. One of the earliest padlocks with spring mechanism were discovered with the Jorvik Viking settlement of 850 in York. Henry VIII was known to travel his kingdom with the Beddington Lock which he used to lock his door where ever he stayed.

As you can see, locksmiths have always been quietly helping us secure our lives and getting us out of jams. It’s a non-glamourous profession worthy of respect. Despite their nearly anonymous nature, one can be sure that locksmiths will always have an important role to play in society. There are local locksmiths located in just about every town like the one here.

The locksmith is not one of those people you need once a week or even once a year, but when you need him – you really need him! Just remember the last time you moved into a new place and somehow the change in routine caused you to forget your keys. In that moment of frustration and near panic, the unassuming locksmith suddenly becomes your hero of the hour.

Hiring a Locksmith

Hiring a locksmith is best done at the earliest time. You shouldn’t wait for an emergency before you finally contact a locksmith; otherwise, you’ll be facing a lot of difficulties, particularly when it comes to paying a hefty sum. As early as possible, you should find a reliable locksmith, one who’s willing to drive to your place on a 24/7. On-call locksmiths are your “best friends” whenever you get locked out of your home or automobile.

Be wary, many people claim to be locksmiths. In developed countries like the UK, there are licensed professionals trained to open your lock without causing unnecessary damage. In other parts of the world, without a licensed locksmith on hand, you could be calling on the carpenter to find the window with the weakest link. In the US, a few have claimed to be locksmiths never showing their licenses only to overcharge after damaging the customer’s lock.