Looking back at history, there are quite a few famous locksmiths. Most notably from England in 1778, Robert Barron, ‘Father of the English lever system,’ invented the doubleacting tumbler lock. Another famous locksmith/inventor from London, John Chubb was awarded the Telford Medal for his research and contributions to locksmithing in the 1800s.

old keysThis next locksmith was a very famous person, not known as a locksmith – but he certainly had to be the best in this field to have accomplished what he did. That is, world renown magician, Harry Houdini. In the early 1900s, how wowed the masses with his ability to pick the locks of handcuffs specially ordered by London’s very own, Daily Mirror. Locksmithing is an ancient art. One of the earliest locks to be found has been dated 700

BC, unearthed from the Palace of Sargon in Iraq. One of the earliest padlocks with spring mechanism were discovered with the Jorvik Viking settlement of 850 in York. Henry VIII was known to travel his kingdom with the Beddington Lock which he used to lock his door where ever he stayed.

As you can see, locksmiths have always been quietly helping us secure our lives and getting us out of jams. It’s a non-glamourous profession worthy of respect. Despite their nearly anonymous nature, one can be sure that locksmiths will always have an important role to play in society. There are local locksmiths located in just about every town like the one here.

The locksmith is not one of those people you need once a week or even once a year, but when you need him – you really need him! Just remember the last time you moved into a new place and somehow the change in routine caused you to forget your keys. In that moment of frustration and near panic, the unassuming locksmith suddenly becomes your hero of the hour.

Hiring a Locksmith

Hiring a locksmith is best done at the earliest time. You shouldn’t wait for an emergency before you finally contact a locksmith; otherwise, you’ll be facing a lot of difficulties, particularly when it comes to paying a hefty sum. As early as possible, you should find a reliable locksmith, one who’s willing to drive to your place on a 24/7. On-call locksmiths are your “best friends” whenever you get locked out of your home or automobile.

Be wary, many people claim to be locksmiths. In developed countries like the UK, there are licensed professionals trained to open your lock without causing unnecessary damage. In other parts of the world, without a licensed locksmith on hand, you could be calling on the carpenter to find the window with the weakest link. In the US, a few have claimed to be locksmiths never showing their licenses only to overcharge after damaging the customer’s lock.